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very exclusive discount code

I kind of feel as though I’m holding onto a loaded weapon here: this is the stuff that shopping dreams are made of! A 30% “friends and family” discount code to be used to buy anything* – anything – at the luxury online store Very Exclusive! So that’s Vivienne Westwood dresses, Karl Lagerfeld bags, classic Joseph trousers and the best-fitting jeans from Paige; Wildfox nightwear, Calvin Klein lingerie and Terry de Havilland shoes…anything. I have a shopping list as long as my arm and I can’t even fit into anything, apart from the maternity jeans from Paige (which are truly excellent), but I refuse to let a good discount pass me by! Here’s what I’m thinking – tell me yea or nay:

Use 30% Very Exclusive discount code 6FW63 here…

wildfox cheer squad sweatshirt

I have a naughty little Wildfox habit. I love the softness of the sweaters and t-shirts, even though I’m usually a hater of logos and embellishments and whatnot. It was actually a reader who got me into Wildfox stuff after leaving a comment on one of my fashion posts. So, thanks for that. You’ve cost me a fortune in jersey tops and nightwear! This Wildfox Cheer Squad sweatshirt with its candy colours will look great with little denim shorts, once I can get back into my little denim shorts. Tanned legs, white converse, done. Find the Cheer Squad Sweatshirt here.

superga leopard print plimsolls

Superga Spotted Plimsolls: now these I can get involved with straight away. I can only wear flats, but I have to say that my Stan Smith’s are starting to bore me, having worn them day in day out for about two months. I want something cute to put on the end of my tanned legs (sensing a theme here? Am I being optimistic thinking that I might get some time in the sunshine?) and I find leopard print things almost impossible to resist. These are £50 (£35 after discount) here.

cocoa cashmere sweater very exclsuive

Cocoa Cashmere Light Blue V-Neck: I have been yearning for a really summery, pastel jumper. I’m so sick of grey and black (which is all I packed when I moved out of my house to embark on my Grand Tour of Hertfordshire’s Holiday Barns) and I just want something that will look good with my…tanned legs. Find it here – it’s £100 after discount.

missoni beach bag discount

Missoni Zigzag Canvas Tote: part of me feels that if I must carry such unsavoury things as “maternity towels”, “disposable knickers” and “breast pads” into the birthing centre then I can at least do it in style. At the moment my emergency birthing kit is stowed away in a brown Michael Kors tote, but the bag always seems to blend into its surroundings and I can never find it. Which wouldn’t be great if you were in a hurry and a bit…er…distracted. You couldn’t miss this Missoni one! And once I’ve given birth, and I want to go to the beach, to get tanned legs… Find the Canvas Zigzag bag here.

free people lace trench

Free People Lace Trench: could this be any more wildly impractical? But I want it so much! I wanted the Burberry one but that was about five billion pounds; this one is just as nice. If not nicer, actually, especially in length. My only problem is that it’s the kind of coat that needs to be worn right now. By the time I have no bump and a life outside of the house and the danger of baby spew on my clothes has passed, it will be about 2018 and the whole lace thing will have had its day. I envy those who can wear the lace trench. It’s unutterably chic. Find it here.

Right, those are my picks. Apart from the trench, which I shall just have to admire from afar. But don’t let my preferences sway you – you can use the code on anything you like. If you’re hunting for a dress for the glut of summer weddings you have to attend or need a new pair of shorts or a little holiday capsule wardrobe then it’s all here. The code stops working at midnight on May 25th 2015, so you have a little while to browse, ruminate and procrastinate. Enjoy!

Very Exclusive discount code- use 6FW63 here….

*discount code can be used on anything except for GHD. So it’s not quite anything, strictly speaking, but I’d be surprised if your sole reason for going onto Very Exclusive was to pick up a pair of hair straighteners, so hopefully this exclusion won’t disappoint too many of you!

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