Video Diary: My CoLab Launch Day

colab dry shampoo

Well. My feel haven’t touched the ground since I wrote my CoLab Dry Shampoo launch post on Thursday morning; that day was a whirlwind of press interviews and photo-calls and non-stop talking! It was just the most amazing day and then I had to put my glad-rags on and do it all again for the CoLab launch party in the evening! I loved seeing everyone trying out my dry shampoo and having a good time and it was just surreal seeing my face on huge banners around the event space!

Ruth Crilly Unveils A New Haircare Sensation "Colab"

But I think that the very best and most overwhelming thing was the amount of support that I had from readers, other bloggers and vloggers, journalists, friends and family; every time I checked my twitter timeline there were dozens more wonderful messages. And then the lovely comments here on the site… Thank you so, so much! I’ve had more than a few little “eyes welling up” moments this week…

Ruth Crilly Unveils A New Haircare Sensation "Colab"

Here’s the video I made of my launch day – preparation, behind-the-scenes and all of the trimmings. I even attempt to play the guitar, for your amusement…

UPDATE: I am so sorry, Youtube glitch so some of you may have read this and not seen a video. If it’s still not here on this page then you can watch it on Youtube here.

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  1. Denise Smith
    February 10, 2021 / 6:30 pm

    I’ve gone WAY back because I was curious how long it’s actually been: WE FINALLY HAVE COLAB IN MY TOWN. I’m so happy! I’ve tried original scent and it’s lovely.

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