Vintage China Tea-Cup Nails

vintage china tea cup nails

The lovely @NailArtistMartha has worked her manicure wizardry again; this week I set her the task of doing something pretty with Models Own’s Sticky Fingers polish in Pastel Petals Green. Not the easiest one to pull off – it’s kind of an odd shade and the stickers are a little fiddly – but I love what Martha came up with. Subtle and very vintage-looking. I love the single accent nail on each hand – I’d probably have gone completely nuts with all of the stickers and had a few on each finger! Here’s a close-up on the flower transfer:

vintage flower transfer manicure

It’s lifted a little at the edges (Martha said that it can be quite hard to keep them stuck down, you have to make sure that the polish is touch-dry and then put them on) but it’s very effective. It looks just like the patterns you find on the china cups and plates in bric-a-brac shops! And it’s a hell of a lot easier to stick a sticker on than hand paint a flower, I would imagine..

nail art transfers vintage

I think it’s really quite a clever little kit. Without the flower embellishments, I’d hate the pastel green, but together the two elements work very well. I might even be tempted to have a go at this look myself – you know how I love a bit of a distraction when I have loads of work to do! I’ve actually started doing my nails when I’m at the computer (ie, fourteen hours a day) because I can paint them as I wait for things to upload, and then I can still type as the polish is drying. It’s quite a good system.

There are loads of other shade and sticker combos in the Sticky Fingers Collection. My favourite is probably the dark taupe-y-looking shade (Sweet Candy) which comes with little candy and gingerbread man stickers. It’s kind of sad that I’m still into gingerbread men at the ripe old age of thirty-three but there you go. Mental age of five.

You can find the whole Sticky Fingers range at ASOS here – each set is £6. Follow Martha on Instagram for more nail pics – Martha works from a salon in Bath called Wisteria Lane. You can see their website here. The nails in the picture are shown after two coats of Models Own Pastel Petals Green and transfers applied using tweezers.

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