Vitazing on BuyaPowa

Vitazing on BuyaPowa How have I only just discovered BuyaPowa? It’s really quite a genius idea! They take a product and people ‘co-buy’ it so that the more people buy, the cheaper the product gets! At first I thought that this would most definitely appeal to people who love a bit of a gamble, but then I realised that there isn’t really any gamble – the price can only get lower!

I was going to post about this next week, but the reason I discovered it was a tip-off that they had VitaZing for sale. You can read all about what I think of VitaZing here, but if you can’t be bothered let me summarise: it would make a corpse look healthy. It adds moisture, glow and a hint of a tint (though if you have very pale skin it can look a little too ‘orange’) and it’s one of my ultimate time-savers/hangover cures/quick-fixes.

At the time of writing (Friday, 6pm) the price is down from £28 to £19.50 – a very, very good discount. If you buy and then share the link amongst friends/Twitter followers and they also buy, and you get the most ‘co-buyers’, you get your product for FREE! Bonus.

Here’s the link –

PS: clicking this will NOT make you my co-buyer as I haven’t yet registered, so you’re free to collect your own co-buyers!

UPDATE: OK, so since writing this, I’ve done a bit more research. There are a limited number of products available, but once you buy you are guaranteed AT LEAST the price shown. The more people you encourage to ‘co-buy’, the lower the price gets! I need to get to grips with the whole idea, but it seems really quite amazing! Spotted this, too: Benefit’s Erase Paste!

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