Vlog: Moving House and a Tour of the Beauty Cabinet

dexter the cockapoo

I envy people who can remember to do a proper little picture for their “vlogs”; if I ever make a casual diary-style video I always, without fail, forget to take a decent photograph to use as the thumbnail! Hence I’m stuck with a picture of Dexter the Dog to illustrate a video that has very little to do with dogs whatsoever – it’s almost completely irrelevant! Though you do get to see a close-up of a charming wicker chair and some nice beams in the background..

This was really just a video to keep Youtube viewers in the loop as I hadn’t uploaded anything for a couple of weeks. I explain my house move (most of you will know all about that) and do a little tour of my temporary barn accommodation, which might interest some of you. I also do a little whizz through my old beauty cabinet – the glass-fronted one that has appeared in the background of many videos – because lots of people wanted a close-up view of what was inside.

All quite random and roughly-cut, but please do take a look if you fancy a bit of a nose about. You can all tut-tut at the colossal mess that is my bedroom. I’m off to finish tidying it right now – I felt very shamefaced looking back over the video…

Viewer Notes:
There’s a stair-gate because dogs aren’t allowed upstairs. It’s a holiday barn, so no, none of the furniture or bedding is mine! My IKEA cabinet is the Expedit with glass doors.
I am now 28 weeks pregnant for those who are curious! Hopefully I will be back in my house before I have the baby – EEEEK!
Colour on my lips is Dior’s Rouge Balm 448. On my nails I have “Bikini” by Kure. My shirt is from Hollister. My dog, Dexter, is a cockapoo and he’s about one and a half years’ old.

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