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I’m committing this statement to (virtual) paper so that you can hold me to it: no more videos in front of that bloody slate wall! If I have to edit one more thing with a grey background, I’m going to have to remove my own eyeballs with the barbecue tongs. And that would be no easy feat, let me tell you; it’s hard enough trying to pick up a hot sausage with them. Intricate surgical tool they are not…

It’s easy to get into a rut with making videos, especially after a fair few years of doing them (seven), and I think that I’ve become especially complacent with my backgrounds. I shoot in front of the slate wall because the light in that particular room is brilliant – it means I can always film in natural daylight, no faffing with stands and LED panels and all of that jazz. But also – and perhaps more importantly – the room with the slate wall is next to the bedroom, where I can plonk Ted the baby down, and it’s near to the living room so that I can keep an eye on Angelica. The convenience of this little makeshift studio is not to be sniffed at; it means that I can prep a video for an hour or so whilst in full charge of a toddler and a baby. So long as the baby is, y’know, asleep. And the toddler is playing with a puzzle and not trying to do headfirst dives from the end of the sofa.

Anyway, goodbye studio of slate – you’ve been good to me, but I can no longer look upon you. In normal everyday life I adore you, you mid-century-inspired stroke of genius, but on video you have started to loom behind me like a constant reminder of my laziness. “Get back into your own bloody office!” you say, “nobody wants seventeen boxes of beauty products stacked up beside them – I’m supposed to be the wall of a snug! A reading room! A place of rest and relaxation!”

So please berate me – and heavily – if you see even the slightest hint of slate wall after this. I’m not sure what you’ll see in the background instead (probably a red brick wall, ha!) but it won’t be grey. It’s all change. Things have to change, not least for my own sanity.

ruth crilly youtube

On the subject of change: would it be impertinent of me to ask for your advice? Or, rather, your suggestions? Tell me what you’d like to see on video. What do you enjoy? Beauty videos with an informative, researched tone, or fun video diaries with babies and cats and slightly shaky camerawork? Or both? Is there something you’d like to see that I don’t currently do? And what about titles – stick the word “sex” in there and (apparently) you get five times the views, but how do you feel about clickbait-y titles? Do you prefer to know exactly what you’re getting, or do you like to have a title that makes you curious to see what’s coming up? Tell me, speak to me in the comments. Or telepathically, or @modelrecommends on Instagram and Twitter. I shall be forever grateful.

I think that I’m going to start interspersing my beauty videos (which I love) with some more random, off-the-cuff content that I’ve been meaning to film for ages. Silly stuff, like poking around in my cupboards or looking through old modelling pictures. What do you think? Answers on a postcard.

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