Warning: This Blusher Means Business

daniel sandler watercolour blushI’ve written about Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Blush before, but I thought it was about time I revisited it because this is a truly magnificent product. You have to use it very sparingly and you have to be prepared to do a little blending, but once the Watercolour is in place it will not move. It’s more of a stain, I suppose, than a blush, because it’s a really pigmented liquid rather than a cream or a powder – if you left a spot of it on your face without blending, it would stain that spot quite quickly. So, the rules of engagement here are: blend quickly, either using your fingertips or the dedicated Watercolour Brush, and only use a teeny tiny bit. Obviously you can build up the colour to a greater intensity if you need to, but once over-applied it’s difficult to tone it back down again. Brilliantly useful colour of the season? ‘Pop’. It’s a bright and jolly pink that, when applied just to the apples of the cheeks, gives an instant glow and healthiness to the complexion. I’m wearing it in the picture below!

daniel sandler watercolour blush

‘Pop’ is limited edition from Escentual.com, (here’s the link: http://tidd.ly/4f8ed586) but you can get all of the other shades (I really love ‘Spicey’) from Urban Retreat at Harrods too – here’s the online page: http://tinyurl.com/65w9yfr

These blushers are tremendous value – for £14.50, I reckon you’d get a good couple of years of quite regular use out of a bottle. I have had mine for a couple of years already and have hardly made a dent! You take the smallest drop from the top of the nozzle and that’s all you need – if you dispense a small amount (not even pea-sized) onto the back of your hand, you might find it easier to work with. I must put this into a video tutorial soon!

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