Week In A Vlog: January 2018

week in my life january

I’ve tweaked the name of my monthly Week in My Life videos to Week in a Vlog. I’m not sure how I feel about this decision yet, it was sort of rash and I may live to regret it. I think the problem stems from my hatred for the word “vlog”. It has to be one of the ugliest words in the English language, followed closely by “blog”. Which is unfortunate, considering my occupation.

Anyway, here it is – a week in my life condensed into a fifteen minute-long video. There was a whole section on carpets and which ones were on my shortlist for the living room (cool grey, warmish grey, darker grey), but I don’t know what happened to the footage. Perhaps it knew how utterly boring it was and self-deleted. There’s a dedicated interiors video on the horizon, so fear not if a monologue on carpet choices seemed like something you might want to watch…

In this episode of Crilly’s Monthlies (ooh, that would be a better title!) I go to a wonderful place called Aynhoe Park for a Cult Beauty retreat, look at nursery schools for Angelica and dither about like an idiot at home when I should be working. Enjoy. Suggestions for/feedback on video titles would be greatly appreciated, if you have time to leave a comment!

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