A Week In My Life: August 2017

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I’m trying something a bit new on the video front: A Week In My Life. It’s a sort of scrapbook montage of things that I get up to during the week, but it’s all very informal and unstructured.

As you know, I’m not a natural vlogger. I find the process quite excruciating, at times, and I have a number of hang-ups and practical problems that hinder my vlogging progress! Firstly, I can’t film myself in public if there are people watching, or even if there are people minding their own business but who happen to be within a half-mile radius of me. I just die of hideous embarrassment.

Secondly, not many people I know want to be filmed, or appear in my vlogs. Which means that I have to pressgang the dog/cat/goldfish/baby into doing stunts to jazz up my footage. And there’s only so much a cat will put up with before it starts charging appearance fees. Bloody cats.

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, I cannot get on board with this “filming absolutely everything that happens in my life” thing. If you’re filming your entire life, you’re barely having a life, because you are always filming it. It all becomes a bit existential. Are you only doing interesting things so that you can film them? If you didn’t film something, did it even happen?

Anyway, this brings me back around to the new vlog format: A Week In My Life. I’m quite good at managing to film little sections of video here and there, but quite often I then forget to do the all-important intros and pieces to camera explaining what the hell is going on. I think this is why I love Instagram Stories – you just record and publish, no need for explanations or lengthy monologues about what you’re about to do and then what you’ve just done (my pet hate! We KNOW you’ve just been to the supermarket, we watched you wheeling a trolley about a mere ten seconds ago!).

You can follow me on Instagram here if you’d like to watch my stories, my username is @modelrecommends. I don’t do stories every day, but when I get on a roll with them I really get on a roll! Also, I quite like to turn my babies into koalas and dogs using the in-built filters, and who doesn’t like a baby koala? For more life stuff, make sure you’ve bookmarked The Uphill, my mum and baby blog.

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