A Week In My Life: September 2017

ruth crilly moving house

Firstly, thank you so very much for all of the wonderful comments on last Sunday’s post – I was feeling so overwhelmed and low and they really bolstered my confidence and boosted my spirits! (Catch up on that post here, if you’re wondering what an earth I’m talking about.)

We’ve been in Bath for just over a week now and things are rather more settled. I still have a queasy, “what an earth are we doing?” sort of feeling in the pit of my stomach now and then, but it’s something that creeps in when I’m tired or stressed, rather than a constant, niggling sense of low-level anxiety. And I’ve realised a few things in the past week:  a) we’ve only moved to Bath, not to, I don’t know, Melbourne – it’s really not that far from London; b) so long as I have internet connection, I can do my job from just about anywhere; c) so long as I have my family, and they’re safe and well, nothing else matters that much.

House-hunting has begun in earnest and I have to say that there are some staggeringly beautiful houses in this part of the world. So I might be persuaded to stay, especially if my Deliveroo habit continues – I’ve had three deliveries in a week, and just about to order my fourth! Goodness, there are some perks to city living – the upload speed on the internet is so fast that I barely have time to type my description box before my Youtube videos finish processing! Also: shopping.

Anyway, I filmed a whole week in my life and here it is – house-moving, cat-spinning, peg-pinning and all. (It’s quite long, so you may want to make some toast or prepare something similar, just for sustenance. I wouldn’t want anyone keeling over mid-flick. I once almost fainted in primary school when I had to hold a barn owl on my arm for half an hour – it was the session before lunch and my energy levels were at rock-bottom. I’ve always needed regular meals, it seems. Bizarre, completely irrelevant anecdote for you there.)


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