Weekly Window Shop: Box-Fresh Trainers

best box fresh trainers

Any new pair of trainers will be box-fresh, I suppose, but this is my roundup of the ones that are extra lovely and crisp. White trainers look great with everything from summer maxi dresses to blue jeans; some might say that the Stan Smith era has peaked and that the white trainer is now a bit passé, a bit overdone, but I’ve been wearing Stan Smiths for as many years as I’ve been modelling (fifteen years, now) and couldn’t give two hoots whether they’re in fashion or out. Same goes for Converse. Though Converse, I suspect, will never be overdone. They’re as deeply set into the world of fashion as – I don’t know – denim. Or…bags.

converse chuck taylor all star

Let’s start with the Converse then, shall we? The true classics, Chuck Taylor All Star in white. Obviously they only stay looking this pristine for about two hours, because if you’re anything like me you’ll tread in a puddle the minute you walk outside in them, but you can stick them in the washing machine with some whitening stuff and they come up a treat. Find these at ASOS – they’re £45.


Then moving on to my personal favourites, the Stan Smiths from Adidas. I’ve owned over a dozen pairs of these, over the years, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them. I just love the shape. And the understated Adidas stripes punched down the leather at the sides. Again, the easiest place to buy (probably, especially if you have Premier) is ASOS – they are £67.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 20.38.28

Gucci Ace Embroidered Low-Top Sneaker. Oh my God, I am sort of mesmerised by these. Look at the bees! Look at them! There’s something about these trainers that reminds me of the sort of slippers that an aristocrat would wear – you know the velvety ones with things embroidered on the toes? Don’t they often have bees on, or have I totally imagined that? Anyway, you can get these with just the plain Gucci stripe if you’re nervous of embellishment – they’re £345 here. Bees are here.

topshop cyprus lace-up trainers

The non-leather option; snakeskin finish lace-ups from Topshop. Not quite so sharp in design as the others, but a good casual choice if you don’t want to spend much dough. Find them online here, they are £22.

jimmy choo miami woven fabric marble white

And for the seriously flash who want a bit of detailing on their pristine kicks, Jimmy Choo’s Miami in white and marble woven fabric. There’s something a little Missoni about that fabric, if I may be so bold as to say so – it adds a little bohemian touch to what would otherwise be quite a sporty number. I love the gold star lace-hole detailing and the stars on the soles, too. These are £350 (told you they were flash!) here.

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