Weekly Window Shop: Cushion Crazy

best mid century modern cushions

I’ve been going cushion crazy for the past few weeks; it’s driving Mr AMR mad. I expect he wishes I’d just buy some of the bloody things and shut up about them once and for all, but I’m enjoying torturing him with various cushion scenarios. A geometric, bold design against neutrals! What do you think of that then? Or a stack of contrasting colours with white piped edging to offset the darkness of the sofa leather?

I’m sick to death of the cushions on our sofa; Mr AMR sees nothing wrong with them but we’ve had them for over ten years and they are in the most dismal colours. In a bright, white house they would probably look ok, but now that we have warm-toned walls everywhere the burnt orange and beige just look all wrong.

Will you listen to me? Ha. Told you I was obsessed.

So it’s out with the Sainsbury’s cushions and in with the new. I have to say that considering the cushions were only six quid each we’ve had tremendous use out of them. Maybe I’ll just demote them to the spare room rather than burning them on a ceremonial bonfire.

margo selby cushion at john lewis

Have you heard of Margo Selby? I love her prints. She does a line for John Lewis, I am pleased to see, but you can also see the standalone range on her own website here. I’m annoyed that I missed her sale – some designs were half price in January, a much more justifiable forty pounds, but now they’re back up to eighty-odd-quid I’m dilly-dallying. The one above is £84 at John Lewis.

h&m fern leaf cushion

At the other end of the budget: palm print, £6.99 at H&M. I like the green version but the grey one above is less obvious, if you’re after something more understated. (You might not be after anything at all – I’m assuming everyone is as soft-furnishing-obsessed as I am.) They also have some lovely neutral covers with unobtrusive prints.

palm print cushion

More palm print, this time at good old John Lewis – it’s a “prop your elbow on it whilst you read your kindle” sort of pillow, and a bit too dark for my living room if I’m trying to keep things bright, but I do very much like the design. I may have to find room for it in my office. (Why do I get the feeling my entire living space is about to turn into a sort of soft play area?) This one is £30 here.

cushion crazy

Another John Lewis special – now this is more what I’m looking for. Bold, geometric stuff with nice light colours. But then will this go with the palm leaf ones? DO YOU SEE MY DILEMMA? It’s a constant struggle, I tell you! I can’t tell whether these are unbelievably nice or the kind of thing that an Ibis hotel might buy in a job lot… (£34 here, if I haven’t just totally put you off.)

missoni phoenix cushions

Finally, the cushion that started this whole thing off: Missoni Phoenix (here). Now I’ve looked at these for so long I can’t even tell whether I like them any more, but there are only two left (they’re less than half price on Amara.com) so I’m buying them before I press “publish” on this post otherwise I know someone will snaffle them. Ha. If everyone votes “hideous” I can always send them back… Amara is my new (very naughty) habit – they have so many gorgeous home things. All very luxurious, so I mostly just shop with my eyes and not with my credit card.

I cannot actually believe that I’ve just written a whole post about cushions: whatever next? Sorry. At least you had a very detailed beauty post to feast your eyes on yesterday – if you didn’t read that, you can pick your way through it here. Hopefully next week I’ll have finished with cushions – I need some new cutlery, so you had better pray I don’t do a Weekly Window Shop on that!

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