Weekly Window Shop: All About the Legs

legs preparation ready for summer

It’s all about the legs, today, because I’ve been getting mine out a bit recently (look Mum! I wore a skirt!) and I’ve had to do a bit of emergency summer prepping. I also wanted an excuse to post about the brilliant  bookmarks that @AMR_Rach found on Etsy – little dangly legs and feet that stick out from between the pages to remind you of your place.

leg bookmarks

Almost worth abandoning my Kindle for…

Let’s start with leg prep and the best (and most affordable) first step for getting your skin soft and smooth. I’m all for a nice-smelling body scrub, if you have the time and inclination to rinse out the bath or shower afterwards, but a pair of exfoliating gloves is always the simplest option – use them with whatever shower gel you have lying about and after a minute or so of brisk leg-rubbing you’ll have achieved exactly the same thing.

soap & glory scrub gloves

No mess, no extra products hanging about in the shower and the gloves are so cost-effective – they last for years and years. I like the pink ones from Soap & Glory, which seem to have a coarser knit than some of the cheaper ones. They are £4 online here.

Next in the leg overhaul line-up: Legology and the Air-Lite Leg Lift Cream.

air-lite legology cream

I used this at the end of my pregnancy when my legs and ankles were hot and puffy and it worked a treat. There are (much) cheaper options, but this one is a joy to massage in and smells amazing. Also (on an unbelievably shallow note) Legology has the best logo ever, and the tub looks good in my picture. Find it online here.

 Two skin-sorters, now, for the “silk stocking” effect – a finish that makes you legs look more even-toned, slightly tanned and properly glowing. The first is Caudalie’s Divine Legs, £23.40 here:

caudalie divine legs

This is a scented, tinted body lotion that adds a bit of glow and tan to your legs. I apply it with a mitt, to keep my hands clean and to make sure that I apply the tint evenly. Despite this being really moisturising, it sets well and doesn’t seem to transfer to clothes. Though I’d be wary if you’re in very light trousers or skirt…

Read the full review (from 2013) here…

vita liberata perfecting latte

Vita Liberata’s Capture the Light Illuminating Skin Finish in Latte is one of my all-time favourite skin finishing products. It really is like putting on the world’s best tights – skin looks smoother, imperfections are blurred and there’s a low-key radiance that looks chic rather than try-hard. Again, I apply with a mitt, but only because I’m so scared of accidentally getting it all over my going out outfit! This one is £30 from Space NK.

leg bookmarks

Little leggy bookmarks? Cute! Rach found these on Etsy here – there are loads of different types, including Harry Potter legs, legs from Star Wars characters and legs with Louboutin shoes attached…

If full-size Louboutin shoes are more your thing but finances won’t stretch then look at these gorgeous shoes from Miss Selfridge:

red sexy shoes miss selfridge

The Geri Red Bow Court is a little too high for me, until I’ve built my ankle strength back up, but I love the classic, sexy shape and the faux-suede bow at the ankle is just inspired. Half “Mini Mouse”, half “Moulin Rouge”, they are £39 here.

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