Wet-Wipes for Pets?

Ladies, Gentlemen and Furry Friends, I present to you: Pet Wet-Wipes. Something I bet you never knew you needed! I certainly never knew I needed them until Mr Bear (pictured above) decided that one of his favourite places to hide was inside the fireplace. Not great when you have cream carpets throughout almost your entire house and a husband who has heart palpitations at the merest speck of dirt falling onto it.

I won’t say that Mr Bear particularly enjoys having his paws wiped with his “John Paul Pet” wipes, but he doesn’t half smell lovely afterwards! The wipes are also quite useful for giving his coat a once-over after I’ve brushed him – all of the little stray hairs get caught up on the wipe instead of flying into the air as he leaps about all over the place.

So there’s now a little section for the cat in my beauty cupboard – who’d have thought it? I’ll be giving him facials next! (The worrying thing about that statement is that I’m only half joking.)

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