What I’m Wearing: Faded Stars and Stripes

wildfox firestone sweater hush cargo skirt

I have the readers of this very website to thank for my latest little overindulgent purchase; ever since a few of you told me about how much you love Wildfox, I have been hankering after one of their super-soft sweatshirts! Wildfox is an LA-based brand that specialises in t-shirts and sweaters with a really luxe feel and a bit of a fun and quirky edge. The official line is that they’re “vintage inspired” but I actually think that the designs are far more original than that. Think…logo explosion in an ice-cream factory and you’ll be somewhere along the way to imagining the crazy slogans and candy-coloured fabrics.

cargo skirt hush wildfox

Not my usual taste, admittedly, but the “stars and stripes” top was one of the more low-key designs and could not be resisted. I spotted it on ASOS a while back and have had my eye on it since – it’s completely my cup of tea. A bit of faded Americana emblazoned on the softest ever sweater? Yes please. This is the kind of top that I’ll wear, off-duty, until it falls apart. (Which will hopefully be a long way in the future, at this price!) In my photograph I have popped it on with my favourite little cotton cargo skirt from Hush (see here), the Supra trainers that I borrowed for my fashion shoot (video coming out at the end of this week) and a pair of oversized sunglasses from Polaroid. It looks brilliant with blue jeans too, and for those who like to get the old pins out, little denim shorts.

This could well be my Summer of 2014 “look”. I feel inclined to hire a Translux and spend a few weeks driving around Arizona; singing songs, making campfires and watching the sunsets…

The Wildfox “Firestone” Sweater is £120 at ASOS.com

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