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Ah, ’tis finally here: the Spring Lookbook. I’ve collected together some of my favourite outfits and put them on video. It’s a bit like a moving photoshoot and I really hope that you like it – it took me a whole day to film it and another entire day to edit! If you can bring it upon yourself to give it a “thumbs up” or tweet it or share it or whatever it is that floats your boat, then please do. If this one goes down well then I’ll do a Lookbook video every season and perhaps some extra little trend features in between.

Now I’ve been sneaking little fashion teasers onto the website since last week so you’ll have had a preview of some of the outfits already – others will be a big and glorious surprise! Let me know which your favourite is in the comments; my personal favourite is Look 1 with the sport-luxe trousers and the gorgeous cashmere cardigan (above), but closely followed by the outfit with the teal-coloured shirt from Hush and the floral print skirt (below).

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I’m getting really into clashing patterns and wearing a bit of colour – an attempt, I suppose, at dragging myself from the “black and grey and neutrals” rut. Not that there’s anything wrong with black or grey or neutrals, it’s just that I can be an incredibly lazy dresser and it’s quite refreshing to be doing a bit of fashion experimentation.

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A couple of things to note: the amazing French 65 court shoes from Whistles (featured in “Look 2” above) are actually on sale at the moment, reduced from £135 to £94.50. They are incredibly chic and actually quite alright to walk in – not as comfy as the black and white “Jennie” shoes from L.K. Bennett, but getting there. Find them in the sale here. The other thing is an apology; there are a few bits and bobs that are no longer available online. It took me so long to collect my clothes together and then film and edit the video that the fashion world moved on without me! Things went into the sale and then promptly sold out. So the lovely duck-egg blue Topshop jumper (below) is nowhere to be seen (unless you find it in-store, which is a possibility so do check!) and also the silky Topshop Unique printed shorts seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Which is perhaps a blessing, in a way, because they weren’t the easiest little blighters to wear.

ruth crilly topshop

Right. Are you sitting comfortably? Grab a cup of tea or whatever it is that you like to have handy and we shall begin! If you can’t see the video player at the bottom of this page then please click here to view the Lookbook in a new window.

Look 1:

Cashmere Cardigan from Pure Collection:http://www.purecollection.com
SOS vest from Wildfox: http://www.wildfoxcouture.com/sos-lif…
Casual Grey Sport-Luxe Trousers from Whistles:http://tidd.ly/7195a916
Fae Dotted Shoes from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/d1038244

Look 2:

Skirt from Topshop (last season)
T-Shirt Alexander Wang at Outnet: http://goo.gl/lSeyHX
Shoes from Whistles: http://tidd.ly/8f634307
Bag from LK Bennett

Look 3:

Teal shirt from Hush: http://tidd.ly/1f94834d
Floral Skirt from Warehouse at ASOS: http://tidd.ly/4e5f1ff
Shoes from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/3edae5a7
Drew Bag from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/45218370
Longline bra (beneath shirt) from Boux Avenue:http://tidd.ly/c5b1d48d

Look 4:

Earrings from Topshop Oxford Circus
T-Shirt from Hush: http://tidd.ly/6b3fe10
Scarf from Hush: http://tidd.ly/f06be850
Cargo skirt from Hush: http://tidd.ly/6ded1d57
Sissy Lime Yellow Pumps from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/6678b0ce
Yellow vest beneath stripy top is J.Crew at Outnet:http://goo.gl/2yRnyQ
Bracelet stack Hipanema: http://tidd.ly/89e8e574

Look 5:

Sweater from Pure Collection: http://www.purecollection.com
Skirt from ASOS: http://tidd.ly/4e5f1ff
Jennie Shoes from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/3edae5a7

Look 6:

Trench from LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/ac8ae34a
Scarf from Oasis: http://rstyle.me/~1PvcK
Jeans from Paige Denim, last season
Jennie Shoes LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/3edae5a7

Look 7:

Sweater from Wildfox: http://tidd.ly/75f2d7fa
Cargo Skirt from Hush: http://tidd.ly/6ded1d57
Sneakers from Supra
Sunglasses Polaroid, past season

Look 8:

Sweater from Topshop sale, Oxford Circus
Shorts from Topshop Unique at Oxford Circus
Fae Shoes LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/d1038244
Ginny Bag LK Bennett: http://tidd.ly/1d93fdbb

Look 9:

Silver Lurex Sweater from Hush: http://tidd.ly/2ee5ae9
Skirt, Warehouse at ASOS: http://tidd.ly/4e5f1ff

Necklace and fine, golden bracelets seen throughout are Diva at Miss Selfridge.

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