What’s In My Bag? A Handful of Annoying…

whats in my bag video

Below I present to you the “What’s In My Bag” video that sparked off a plethora of annoyed comments. I think maybe I’m not quite cut out for these “tag” videos. I have no clue how to do a haul without boring people to tears, my boyfriend/husband is never going to do my makeup and I can’t imagine a House Tour will ever happen. (On House Tours: why would you ever, ever, ever, show the world exactly what you have in your house, how to get into it and which way leads to your Mulberry bag collection? Especially if you have a big audience? Couple this with your Twitter feed – “I’m on holiday! I’m away for two whole weeks!” and you may as well just leave your keys hanging outside the front door and provide refreshments for the burglar.)

Does that sound grumpy? I hope not. It just makes me shudder, sometimes, when I see videos out there with young girls showing their houses and rooms and where they store their underwear and pocket money and whatnot. Anyone can watch that video! I think that this whole internet thing is still so new (relatively speaking) that not enough people are thinking about the dangers of giving away too much information. (Or, in internet speak, TMI.)  What do you think? Have you seen any shockers out there? It always used to surprise me that celebrities went on MTV cribs (for the same personal safety reasons) until I found out that loads of them didn’t even show their real “cribs”. Still, it always seemed slightly bonkers to be a famous person and then go on TV to show potential psychos and stalkers exactly how to get from your pool house to your panic room. (“And this is the code to my security system…if you press this button the room fills with smoke!”)

If you do want to see what was in my bag when I went to Paris, then scroll down or click here. I forgot to show the actual bag, which is apparently an “epic fail” but it’s just my old, black Mulberry one that I use almost daily. Battered but brilliant. I’m a creature of habit, obviously, because I also have my trusty LK Bennett Idina shoes in the bag. And I can’t keep recommending those Creative Noise earphones enough – does anyone else now have them? Aren’t they great? I reckon that they out-perform some of the £85+ versions I’ve tried. It’s a good job they’re cheap because the cat keeps chomping through them when he pulls them out of my bag/coat pocket/ears. I buy mine here on Amazon, though a few of you found them elsewhere at a reasonable price, too.

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