Wild Rose Beauty Balm: A True Multitasker

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm Review

I can’t actually remember what prompted me to use this beauty balm as a cleanser; I had always seen it knocking about in online reviews and videos and assumed that it was a kind of moisturiser. A bit like the Decleor balms that you heat between your palms and press over the skin. (It’s that too.) But anyway, one night I was about to have one of my epic bathtime product-testing sessions and I wanted to try a new cleansing balm, and lo and behold, when I popped open the box that the Wild Rose Beauty Balm came snuggled in, a muslin cloth fell out! It was almost as though the whole thing was meant to be…

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I don’t actually love the Wild Rose Beauty Balm as a cleanser; it feels too heavy and thick and I find it difficult to remove. Even after a once-over with the cloth and a Clarisonic, I still have an oily residue on my skin that I’m not quite comfortable with. People with dry skin will no doubt adore it but personally, and for my skin type, (combination), I like my balm to rinse off clean. Saying all of that, I have found that leaving on a layer of this as I do the rest of my ablutions makes for an effective cleanse and a soothing, plumping mask. There would be worse cleansing options if you were travelling and wanted to take an all-in-one beauty solution with you…

organic cleansing balm

But the best use? Miraculous overnight treatment. A small amount of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, melted between fingertips and massaged gently into the face, gives the most beautifully soft complexion come morning. I have been testing out overnight masks recently, and have to say that I’ve been disappointed by most. Little more than standard moisturisers, the skin drinks them up within ten minutes and I fail to see where the benefits lie. This balm, however, hangs about for at least half the night (there was still always a trace left when I went to cleanse in the morning) and it is truly, truly rejuvenating and radiance-boosting. The formula is rich in all kinds of things, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the high rosehip oil content might have something to do with the rejuvenating effects; I’m already a big believer in rosehip, especially for repairing skin damage and helping to diminish the appearance of acne scars. (If you would prefer a concentrated rosehip oil, no added essential oils, I can’t recommend Pai’s version enough. It’s £20 and there’s a free Echium eye cream with orders over £20 at the moment*, see here.)

So, Wild Rose Beauty Balm. A true multitasker, especially if you have dry skin. If yours is more oily/combination, don’t be scared by the idea of a balm texture; the rosehip is great at vanishing blemish marks and there are other ingredients to help soothe and calm the skin. A great product, as I said, for taking travelling – it would make a fabulous non-greasy in-flight mask. Not cheap at £37 for 50ml, but a little goes an incredibly long way, It would take years to finish this pot – in fact, a smaller pot would be a good idea, if Neal’s Yard could make one!

£37 for 50ml at Neal’s Yard Remedies

*so sorry, I think I read an old offer!

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  1. December 22, 2019 / 11:55 am

    I bought this product after reading about it on your website. I love using it as a face mask. Thanks so much for the recommendation. xx

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