Winter Skincare Routine

I have been a bit slack at making videos recently, but I managed to pull myself together at the weekend and actually film something! This particular vid has been on the agenda for a while, but it hasn’t (until now) been cold enough to justify making a winter skincare routine video! I had pretty much been using exactly the same products that I always use…

It seems to have turned a little frosty, however, and so here I am with some little suggestions. Things I’ve been testing and some old faves thrown into the mix too. You’ll see that I’m still Alpha-H-ing every other night or every three nights depending on my mood, and this seems to work perfectly for my skin.

More info on each of the products described can be found by clicking the relevant link below the video pane. I’ll be doing more specific reviews on some of the products, because there are a couple that are truly outstanding. By the way, I know that the split on my mouth (you’ll know what I mean when you watch the video!) is angular cheilitis, I just wasn’t sure how it was pronounced so I left it out! Cowardly of me, I know…

Dr Lipp Balm:


La Roche Posay Pro-Skincare Recovery:

NuBo Post-Injection Treatment:

Liquid Gold with worldwide delivery:

Liquid Gold Serum with worldwide delivery:

Institut Esthederm Cellular Nutrition Serum: and Hydra System Cream:

Lierac Hydro Chrono Cream:

Sarah Chapman Boost and Overnight Facial:

Moroccan Argan and Rose Serum:

Suti Oils:

MD Formulations Moisture Defense:

Echium Eye Cream:

Melvita Naturalift Eye:

Alpha-H Eye Complex:

Skinceuticals EyeCream:

O-Mega Wonder-Full Balm:



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