Your Christmas Beauty Gifts, Absolutely SORTED!

pai gift offer free lip balmOK, I’m trying very hard not to scream with excitement about this. There are many levels to my excitement and I shall now attempt to tell you all about them without getting hysterical.

1) Pai, one of my most favourite beauty brands, has launched two gift sets. YES GIFT SETS! With body products. I am in my absolute element about this. Both are gorgeous; beautiful packaging, as always, with amazing high-quality products inside. The Serenity collection contains Himalayan & Dead Sea Therapeutic Bath Salts and a Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream. The Tranquility collection contains Jasmine & May Chang Bath Oil and Body Oil. Wait for the best bit…

pai serenity set free gift

2) They are priced at £15.99 and £13.99! When I first saw the prices I thought that there had been some kind of mistake, but no – they are very definitely £15.99 and £13.99. Can things get any more perfect? Have the people at Pai gone completely and utterly bonkers? Well…

3) I kind of think that they HAVE, because they are offering AMR readers a free lip balm with every gift set purchased! The Bergamot Orange Organic Lip Balm is worth £7 and comes packaged in a cute little muslin gift pouch – you can either keep it as a little gift to yourself, or gift it along with the gift set! (I have said ‘gift’ rather a lot here, haven’t I?)

pai free lip balm

4) It’s one free lip balm with every body collection purchased, none of that ‘one per customer’ nonsense here. So there, I have pretty much answered your Christmas Gift prayers – high-end, luxury organic gift-sets for less than you’d spend at The Body Shop. And you get a free lip balm.

5) You may thank me later (haha!) but for now, here are the links.  To the UK and EU offer page at Pai: – there’s free shipping if you spend over £30.

For US and Canada, use the following link: US/CA PAI

For ALL other international customers, click here: ALL INT PAI

I’m going to be including the gift sets in my Christmas Gift Guide, but this offer is only running until the 28th November so I may try to get the sets on video before then so you can see the sizes and so on!

After the 28th of November, you can still get the gift sets, just not with a balm. The link to that page is here:

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