Kiss and Blush: The Multipurpose Lip and Cheek Cream

YSL Kiss and Blush Review

Goodness me, I’m ever so late to the party with YSL’s Kiss & Blush! Ironic, really, because I had these in my hands way before anyone else had even seen them – I was working with YSL on some how-to videos last year and they were one of the “top secret” products! I made a note in my diary to write about them as soon as they were released but I’m afraid that – as usual – time just slipped by. But here they are, in their full technicolor glory: YSL’s new blush and lip-colour multipurpose creams. My favourites are pictured above; they are, from left to right, shades 8 (Pink Hedoniste), 5 (Rouge Effrontee) and 7, which is Coral Affranchi.

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

In my photos, and in the video below, I’m using shade 8. It looks incredibly bright and scary when you first apply, but it’s a very pale and beautiful pink when you blend it out. All of the Kiss & Blush shades have a velvety matte finish and a good, long wear-time, and I think that they work equally well on cheeks and lips. Usually I find that multi-purpose “cheek and lip” products are too shiny to work as blushers or too matte to be good on the lips, but I think that YSL have got it really right with this formula. There’s no sheen on the cheeks yet it still manages to look luminous, and on the lips the product is just the right side of that lovely chalky, pastelly finish. I have a tiny touch of it on in the photographs over a slick of lipbalm. (I’d highly recommend a little bit of balm underneath, just for comfort levels!)

ruth crilly model blogger

Here’s Shade 8 on cheeks and lips. Applied just once, with the lightest of touches, but obviously you can build it up to any intensity you like. I think that the foam applicator makes it really easy to use, though some people in the Youtube comments have voiced their concerns that it’s unhygienic. Thoughts? I don’t see that it’s any less hygienic than a lipgloss, but I suppose that you are increasing your germ intake by using it in two separate face locations…

Overall, I think that this new YSL release is something of a success. I adore their little cream blushers in the pots and went on about those loads last year (see here) but I’m not sure that the new Kiss & Blush just isn’t that bit easier to use. It’s a lighter, more fluid texture and it’s quicker to get a precise application on the go. The cream is nicer to buff in when you’re sitting down to do a proper bit of maquillage, but the Kiss & Blush is better for on-the-go. What do you think? Have you tried these? You can find them on HERE for £27 with free delivery.

Here’s my video that went out at the end of last week; I’ll be talking about the Benefit Big Easy and the Estee Lauder eye palette in separate posts. Please click here to open the video in a new window if you can’t see it below.

*Disclaimer: I worked with YSL to produce a how-to video for this product but am under absolutely no obligation to cover it here on my blog or on my Youtube channel. This post is not sponsored. If you would like to see my how-to video, you can find it on their website here.

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