YSL: Marrakech Sunset

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My first thought on seeing the Marrakech Sunset palette from YSL’s summer collection was “ooh! More goldy-neutrals!” I am such a sucker for bronze, gold and neutral tones – they just look so pretty in the palette and so glimmery and sexy on the skin. These are no different – though if you want a massive colour pay-off, you might be somewhat disappointed by the paler shades. Unless you use a colour correcting primer on your lids, you probably won’t get much out of the central highlight and the gold shade, but they do add a beautiful layer of sparkle if that’s what you’re after!

But let’s ignore the paler shadows, because the true beauties in this palette are the deep violet and the cocoa shimmer – both absolutely stunning either on their own or used together. I have used the violet shade to create a smoky eye (see my Ibiza Sunset Outfit Vlog) but at a YSL event, my makeup artist, Angus, used a flash of purple as an accent colour.

beauty makeup review

Both work very well. Purple isn’t a shade that I would naturally reach for, but against sunkissed skin it’s enlivening and very modern. I suppose that, also, against the sumptuous warm tones of this Marrakech palette, it looks chic – if you stuck it amongst pearly greens and a few blues it wouldn’t have so much appeal for me! There’s definitely an art to combining shades for a palette, I think – this one really “sells” the purple and makes it desirable.

The YSL Marrakech Sunset palette is available nationwide and from House of Fraser online.

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