YSL The Black Collection

YSL The Black CollectionI am incredibly excited by the autumn offerings from Yves saint Laurent. In particular the cream eyeliners – ‘Effet Faux Cils’ – and the beautiful darkest blue nail polish. I’m really into the idea of using navy, or very very dark blue, instead of black. Just to make it a little bit more modern and interesting. So in the video below you’ll see that I’ve used the eyeliner in Sea Black with the matching Sea Black ‘shocking’ mascara and beautiful inky nails in La Laque 127. The dark shades have been offset with clear, pale-ish skin and lips and I’ll definitely be revisiting this kind of look over autumn and winter. I love me a smoky eye!

The cream eyeliner in ‘Sea Black’ is absolutely amazing – a really vibrant, intense blue when applied with a finer brush, and then a sexy smoulder when blended out with a larger brush. It really is a liner and shadow in one, and once it’s set there’s no shifting it! Another great shade to try would be the ‘Bronze Black’ and I shall no doubt be popping that into a video very soon. The cream liners are £20 from Selfridges here and would last an absolute age. The nail polish is £15 (see here). For all other bits and bobs, have a look at the links beneath the video pane!

 Products used can all be viewed HERE at Selfridges.

Touche Eclat shade 02. Radiance blush shades 01 and 04. Faux Cils mascara ‘shocking’ in sea-black. Cream eyeliner in sea-black (or ‘blue-black’). Nail polish in 127. Rouge Volupté Perle in 108.

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