L’Occitane Exfoliating and Smoothing Almond Delicious Paste

l'occitane almond delicious paste

Goodness, this really is going to be a flash review – it’s 6.42 and I have ten minutes before I’m supposed to be outside, clean and scrubbed, with my luggage to take back to London. For those who missed yesterday’s riveting news bulletin, I’m in Bavaria! Shooting an ad campaign in a castle. It’s all very good fun but a little cold, and the ‘outfits’ are primarily slips of expensive lace and rather racy lingerie sets.

Good job, then, that I bought a little tub of L’Occitane’s Almond Delicious Paste with me to keep my bod polished and smooth. I have never used it until this morning and now I am beating myself about the head with one of my Ugg boots wondering why an earth not? This stuff is God’s Gift to lingerie models!

The ‘paste’ is a rich mixture of almond oil and almond butter which sticks to the skin (even damp skin) like no other exfoliating product I’ve ever used. This means a) less wastage and b) a more effective scrubbing session in general. So many scrubs (especially salt-based ones) require you to plunge whole fistfuls of the stuff over yourself, most of it dropping onto the shower floor, yet this one just requires small amounts gently massaged onto the skin.

Did I mention the smell of this paste? Incredible. I mean, really. It has totally cheered me up this morning, despite the fact that I have had about twenty-eight minutes sleep. It’s sweet with an undertone of something else that I can’t quite put my finger on – something ‘holiday’ish…

I really wish that I had given myself more time to do this Friday Flash Review – I now only have four minutes before call-time and I am sat at my little desk wearing a towel. I still need to pack. So to summarise: L’Occitane’s Almond Delicious Paste

[Rush to location van]

Oh my goodness! I’m writing this in the location van! WiFi gets everywhere, doesn’t it? How utterly marvellous. That’s actually what I wanted to say about L’Occitane’s Almond Delicious Paste before I was rudely interrupted by something called paid work. It’s great – try it. You can buy a weeny little pot of it for eight pounds something, but the big glass jar is gorgeous, that comes in at £25.

This paste leaves skin utterly soft and silky smooth – it’s not a ‘hardcore scrub’ as in it’ll take the paint off your car, but it’s gentle and effective. The scrubby bits are fine and you have to work them in a little bit, but it’s just such a delight to use. Delicious! Over and out Team, I’m off to do some castle posing!

Almond Delicious Paste is £27 from l’Occitane

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